Same Day Service


Affordable Movers Manhattan Beach is proud to offer the best in same day service. Whether your move was planned or not, sometimes same day service is the only way to fit your moving needs.

What To Expect With Same Day Service?

  1. Not sure whether or not you need to disassemble your intricate built in?
  2. What about re-building that IKEA shelf once you arrive at your new place?
  3. Are you in a panic because you are up to your eyeballs in paperwork and logistics, with no real time to deal with the physical packing, loading and moving of your livelihood?
  4. While you focus on transferring all of your utilities over to your new residence, Affordable Movers Manhattan Beach can focus on how to best stack your mattresses, protect your wedding presents, and ensure that nothing gets lost in transition.
  5. With Affordable Movers Manhattan Beach Same Day Service, our company is tested and is certifiably reliable. While moving may be a once, twice, or 5 time thing for our satisfied clients, Affordable Movers Manhattan Beach makes your moving dilemmas our business. Our Same Day Service comes just as guaranteed, and just as highly recommended as all of Affordable Movers Manhattan Beach services. Our Same Day Service is simply a more efficient, time sensitive matter in which we provide the same level of consideration, triple checking and customer satisfaction that we do with all of our services. We may not know “why” you need same day service, but we absolutely know how to plan, plot and execute for our most expedient and efficient services.
  6. After speaking to one of our customer service representatives, look out for one of our professional movers! He or she will be there to access your specific circumstances, and together we can promptly plan and execute our popular same day service together.

How To Proceed?

If you need more information on our Same Day Services, absolutely call us at Affordable Movers Manhattan Beach. We understand that moving costs often thwart last-minute movers, but it is so much easier for everyone involved when we have all of the information we need to make your transition painless.

Instead of scrounging the internet for the “best company for the job,” or “the most affordable moving company in Manhattan Beach and surrounding areas” stop wasting your time and get a real quote from qualified professionals – the best people to answer these questions, and any other questions you think no one has ever asked us before! Don’t let the internet suck you into a search engine- stop coming up empty, or price shopping until your deadline is almost up! Let the best people for the job, who know how to move you and your possessions, promise you one thing. When you call Affordable Movers Manhattan Beach, you will have made your first step closer to a stress free move. Feel better already, knowing that the best people for the job are at your attention, and ready to answer any questions or meter any concerns you may have.

The trick to a successful move is to be prepared. When you are unsure of your timeline, or even how to start, this is where Affordable Movers Manhattan Beach shines the brightest. With the supplies, the knowledge and the energy one needs to exact what can be the most exciting transition of your life, our company thrives on the stress free moves of our loyal patrons.

For Same Day Services, Emergency Moves, and Deadline specific moves please call us now at 310-241-3180. Let us get moving together!